Commercial Roofing

Eagle Roofing & Construction specializes in commercial roofing projects for customers in the DFW area.

Dallas Commercial Roofing Services at Eagle Roofing & Construction

With more than 15 years of experience, our premium services are ideal for commercial roofing projects of all types and sizes. We work closely with building owners, architects and construction managers to provide an array of roof applications to meet their needs.

A commercial roofing project is a major expense. With the premier services from Eagle Roofing & Construction, you can receive the best return on your investment.

We service the following areas:

  • Dallas

  • Frisco

  • Plano

  • Highland Park

  • McKinney

  • Rockwall

  • Wylie

  • Lewsville

We are here for your commercial needs every step of the way. Whether your commercial roof needs repairs or replacement, Eagle Roofing can assess your needs by providing roofing estimates with no obligation.

flat commercial roofing planoWe can install a roofing system that not only enhances the appearance of your facility, but also provides adequate structural support and protection of the building. Eagle Roofing & Construction utilizes the right materials for your commercial roofing project, to maximize energy efficiency and lower your operating costs.

You can select from a range of materials for your commercial roofing project. Options include:

Single Ply Roofing

Single-ply roofing systems (SPS) have grown in popularity over the past 30 years, and due to their ability to provide strength, flexibility, and long-lasting durability, it’s no wonder that architects, roofing contractors, and building owners love this commercial roofing product.

Built-up Roofing

built up roofing on a commercial building in dallasBuilt-Up Roofing (BUR) is one of the oldest and most reliable systems for buildings with low-slope or “flat” roof structures. Started in the 1840′s, these roof systems are often referred to as “tar and gravel” roofs.

After a roof is “hot mopped” with layers of asphalt and bitumen, a final layer of gravel or crushed rock is spread to hold the roofing material down and minimize damage from the sun and from abrasion. A light-colored gravel will reflect the sun’s heat. Built-up roofs can last from 10 to 20 years, depending on the severity of the weather.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

commercial bitumen roofing planoModified Bitumen (MB) roofing is an asphalt-based, close cousin of the Built-up-Roof (BUR) designed for buildings with low-slope or “flat” roof structures. Engineered modified bitumen roofing membranes originated in Europe in the mid 1960′s and have been used successfully in the United States and Canada since approximately 1975.

A base layer is mechanically attached to the roof deck with plates or bars. A ply overlap is then sealed to the base layer with a permanent adhesive. Finally a granule top surface is applied to provide aesthetic and energy efficient properties.

Roof Insulation

Gone are the days when roof insulation was simply used as to provide a suitable substrate for the roof covering. The requirement for a suitable substrate remains, but today’s building owners want high-performance insulation under their roof membrane to curb the growing cost of heating and cooling their space.

Roofing Accessories

Beacon Roofing Supply offers you an extensive line of commercial roofing accessories to help make your job go smoothly.

Metal Roofing

commercial metal roofingThe premier roof for a commercial building, metal roofs furnish building designers and owners with a world of choices; from system design to type of metal to a rainbow of color options. Metal roofing boasts excellent strength, durability and fire resistance.

We are experts in metal roofing, we will not cut corners.

Why Work with Us?

Superior workmanship – Our skilled craftsmen are committed to combining their expertise with the latest techniques to deliver premium workmanship for our clients.

Quality Products – Eagle Roofing & Construction uses first-rate roofing materials and the latest equipment to provide the best possible final product.

Dependability – You can count on Eagle Roofing & Construction to complete your commercial roofing project with excellence and in a timely manner.

Customer Service – We strive to deliver the highest level of service to each customer—regardless how large or small.

Competitive Rates – Eagle Roofing & Construction offers competitive rates to ensure our clients receive the best value for their money.

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